Welcome to our Brand New Website

June 2017

My name is Clayton Roth and I am the Owner and Chief Executive Dog Runner at Canine Cardio Company of RI. We are so excited to unveil our fantastic new website. We feel that it perfectly illustrates the unique services we provide and the great care we give our canine clients.

Please feel free to take a look around! We have updated the site with brand new pictures and video, as well as a slick new layout. The Canine Corner is chalk full of the pups we currently serve. We have also added the "Random Acts of Kindness." These are "just because" discounts. They include, but aren't limited to, sunny days, rainy days, birthdays, Wednesdays,  etc. We like surprises, especially ones that save you money. We know you do too!

Please check the "Jogging Dog Blog" every month for brand new content. Whether it be safety tips, stories, local dog related news or sharing our daily experiences working with pups, there will always be interesting information.

Thank you and we'll see you again soon!