Dog Walks

Not all dogs are suited for running, so these walks are a great way to add a little adventure to their day. These walks let your dog get out and do their business as well as sniff around the neighborhood. The fresh air and activity will make them happier, healthier, and more relaxed when they’re home.

Sweet Bella out for a stroll

Sweet Bella out for a stroll

Free Canine Consultation

Dogs have personalities just like people do. Our team wants to make sure there is a mutual connection that can build trust with you and with your dog.

This first meeting will give us an idea of your dog’s fitness level and recall. The off leash group mainly takes place on wooded trails in non fenced in areas, so excellent recall and listening skills are a must. Dogs that have a lot of off-leash experience are the best candidates. We can work on recall with call words and treats, but previous off-leash walking experience is required.


Typical Workout Day

  1. Pickup: Your Canine Cardio Athlete will come by and pick up your dog(s) for their run. We can do runs in your neighborhood, but can also drive your dog(s) to local parks and trails.
  2. Walk & Wag: The adventure begins! We’ll walk your dog around your neighborhood or drive them to local parks and trails so they can experience the fresh air of new places.
  3. Return Home: Once our 30 or 60 minute walk has been completed, your pooch with come back dog-tired and ready to relax, allowing you to do the same.


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