Canine Corner

We run Canine Cardio for the love of the dogs and the love of the game. This is the area of our site where we appreciate the pooches we spend so much of our time with.

Wagging Trail Packs

Like an athletic social club for dogs. These off-leash excursions allow your dog to release their energy in fresh air spaces while socializing with other dogs in the pack.

We are very conscious of the unique personalities of our dogs, so we organize our packs to have complementary personalities. Pack groups are fairly consistent but subject to change daily. Setup a free consultation to determine which pack is best for your pooch!

Our Wagging Trails groups occur Monday-Friday afternoons and Monday and Wednesday mid-morning.

Coming Soon: More morning groups and a small dog group.


Love Looking at Pictures of Awesome and Adorable Dogs?

So do we. Here are the best buddies of Canine Cardio.


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