Canine Cardio Rates

WAGGING TRAILS OFF LEASH EXCURSIONS: 1-2 Days/Week: $27 2+ Days/Week: $26

ON-LEASH JOGS: 30 Minute Run: $22 60 Minute Run:$32 30 and 60 Minute Run Packages Available

ON-LEASH WALKS:  30 Minute Walk:$20 60 Minute Walk: $30 30 and 60 Minute Walk Packages Available

Other durations available as well.

The Wagging Trails Off-Leash gang having a blast!

The Wagging Trails Off-Leash gang having a blast!

Spreading the Word

We have the best customers in the world! They have been our best marketing tools by telling fellow dog owners all about us. To reward that loyalty, we will give 50% off of one run or walk to a customer who refers us to a new client. Thank you for being great!

Random Acts of Kindness

Nothing brightens our day more than an act of kindness that comes out of the blue. Canine Cardio wants to periodically brighten the days of our customers as well by giving “just because” discounts on runs and walks. Whether it be $5 off for a sunny day or a $10 birthday discount, it’s our way of saying thank you and putting a smile on your face.