Our team of Athletes are trained in endurance, so we can keep up with the pace of your pooch.


Dog Walk

If your dog isn't a runner, we've got you covered. The adventure of being outside for a walk is good for their health and happiness.


On & Off Leash Dog Jogs

An active dog is a happy dog - run with Canine Cardio and your furry friend is guaranteed to get a run for your money.


Wagging Trails

Off leash, social excursions on private, fenced in land give your dog a chance to run and play with some of the happiest pups around


Certifications & Accreditations


What You Get When You Join

Benefits & Features of Canine Cardio

Who better to keep up with an active pup than a marathon runner? Our Chief Executive Dog Walker, Clayton, is a multi-marathon runner and dog wellness guru. On top of that, joining Canine Cardio has some great perks.

  • Experienced and Certified Runners

  • Free Warm Up Assessment

  • Text Check In & Out

  • Run Route GPS Tracking

  • Transportation to vet and grooming appointments

  • Transportation to/from a trail or woods to your home

  • Medication distribution (if necessary)

  • Treats included for all walks/runs

  • Fresh water and feeding

Don't take our word for it!

Here's what people are saying about Canine Cardio!

Before running with Clayton, she would dig up the yard, go through trash and take part in her favorite pastime, chewing pencils to shreds. Now, when she comes back from a long run with Clayton, she is tired and her unwanted behaviors are pretty much extinguished.
— Chris M.
My husband and I have an extremely hyper German Shepard who likes to destroy our house during the day. We have done everything for our dog - training, walking, playing…nothing seemed to help! Since we have started the running sessions, our dog has not chewed through ANYTHING in our house. It’s a perfect fit for us! I would highly recommend giving Canine Cardio a try!!
— Sarah C.
This company has really made my work and graduate studies possible this year. I never have to worry about my dog as I know he is in fantastic hands. This is by far the best dog walking company in Rhode Island!
— Jamie C.
They went above and beyond for Ralphie, and I really noticed a difference in how happy he was on the days they came to walk him.
— Jen S.
My dog waits by the door on ‘Clayton days’ and gets beyond excited when it’s time for his run. Canine Cardio helps keep him fit and happy, I couldn’t ask for more!
— Emma B.
Clayton has been running our siberian husky for almost 2 years now, rain or snow does not hold them back. our dog loves him and we are lucky to have someone who actually RUNS our big pup. Highly recommended.
— Marco & Andrea G.
Clayton deeply cares about the wellbeing of your dog. I highly recommend Canine Cardio to anyone who is not only looking for great care and activity but special attention and focus on your dog!
— Sam S.

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